I’m new to Pickleball, How do I start?

Our Intro to Pickleball clinics are a great way to learn the rules, basic skills, and basic strategies of pickleball. You will learn with other people new to the game and even play your first game. We can provide a paddle during this clinic, so you don’t have to buy one until your sure you love the game (which we know you will).

How do I know where and when to play?

We have quite a few WhatsApp chat groups that people use (membership not required) to find and coordinate play with other people at the various locations. These can be found on the Let’s Play page.

Each location has one group for beginner / intermediate players and another group for intermediate / advanced players. These chat groups should only be used to coordinate times and locations of play. Please use the Social chat group for all other posts.

We also have a chat group for out club announcements and another chat group for social posts.

All of the pickleball facilities in the Tri-Valley offer drop-in play where you can just show up and play with other people. Occasionally, the courts at May Nissen park in Livermore are rented out for scheduled events.

Do you have any regular activities for club members?

Yes, We host monthly Friday night social potluck events, regular skills and drills player development events. We are planning for league play and other activities later this year and next year.

Do you host any tournaments in the Tri-Valley?

Yes! Our Harvest Crush tournament, hosted in mid-September, is open to all players. Our 2023 tournament will have almost 200 people participating in our two day tournament.

We also host a few tournaments each year, just for our members. These tournaments include round robin format and double elimination.

Are membership fees tax deductible?

No. At this time, we are a 501(c)(7) organization. This non-profit designation does not allow our members to claim any contributions to the club as tax deductible. We appreciate your understanding and abiding to this.

We have started the process of migrating to a 501(c)(3) organization and this will allow membership fees to be tax deductible. We will update our website and let our members know when this is complete.

Where do membership fees go?

As a non-profit club, we are committed to putting all the funds we have towards the growth of the club and the goals we have set (more courts, more player development, more social events). After we pay the costs of supporting the club (website, accounting, and membership support), the membership fees will be used exclusively to help fund possible court improvement projects with our local municipalities, bring tournaments to the area, and support our social activities, which we believe will help build the community even stronger.

How long has the Tri-Valley Pickleball Club been around?

This club was conceived and work began in late 2021. We formally announced ourselves on February 23rd, 2022. The founding members are Kirby Wong, Robert Beanland, Paula Orrell, Lori Dorsey, and Larry Bird. We are avid players, who learned from other clubs and painstaking research, the best ways to advocate for more and better facilities, provide more player development, and offer more social interaction of players, to accommodate the growing popularity of the sport in the Tri-Valley area of Northern California.